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Taking the painting of Roy Lichtenstein "Thinking of him" as an inspiration, "17Pétalos" is the result of a physical exploration of how the emotions associated to a heartbreak affect the body and the way we move. The believe is that, as in the painting, through abstraction and almost coldness of representation there is still a lot of emotion to evoque.  


Scene version: 22nd of September 2018 at Wesserrenaisance Museum, Lemgo (Germany) in collaboration with Theaterlabor Bielefeld (Germany)

Short version (11'): 12th of January 2019 at Café de las Artes, Santander (Spain) as part of  "La RED 2019"

Choreography / Lighting: Melanie López

Costume: Federico Zapata / Melanie López

Music: Zapsplat / Rodrigo Leão

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