Alongside her career as a dancer, Melanie López López has a broad experience teaching  and delivering workshops, both for professional dancers as well as diverse educational settings.

Her classes and workshops offer a great balance between energetic and reflexive, focusing specially on dynamics, efficiency and clarity; and  emphasising on reaching a mental state of playfulness to construct a positive environment to allow the dancer to develop further, giving room to explore individual approaches. 

Estancias Coreográficas '16
Teatro Campoamor, Oviedo (Spain)
Photo: Jesús Mascarós

The Evening Space, Malta
Photo: Francesca Tranter

Some schools and professional settings she has teached at are: 

Estancias Coreográficas '15/'16/'17/'18


Dana Raz Dance Projects


The Evening Space


West Hampstead School of Dance


Flow Espacio Vivo


Hani Dance Company


Flow Espacio Vivo Arte y Movimiento, Alicante (Spain)

Photo: Cintia Solbes

Melanie Lopez Lopez. Dance Artist