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An Artists Tool


Taking the flamenco dancer as the central point. Taking as an inspiration the "tools" she uses as an extension of her body and their movements; "An artists tool"  brings to life, through visually suggesting imaginery, the fan, "mantón" or the long tailed flamenco skirt. 

Premiére: 16th of December 2017 at Theater Münster (Germany) as part of the 25th. Tanzfestival Münster.

Choreography / Lighting / Costumes: Melanie López


Ania Stolte

Anna Brünning

Lee Dehn

Sophie Hermann

Isabell Komor

Nele Poppelman

Merle Schottke

Jule Schwarthoff

Paulina Wiebesiek

Life guitar: Lupo Hölscher

Music: Scott McNulty / "Romance anónimo" Anonym

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