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Decoding Flow | Painting Choreography

During the residency, I addressed the creative process in connection with the so-called mental state of "flow". Through a theoretical research that linked studies on the artistic level, psychology, anthropology, culture and ritual studies, I sought to get closer and better understand them.

Through letting those ideas and theoretical knowledge feed into the practical research, a deeper understanding makes the expansion of creative tools possible.

Building on this, I wanted to examine how one could illuminate flow as a medium and central aspect in the creative process and at the same time visibly capture it as an end "result". Drawing on visual arts, I asked myself:

which possibilities are there in terms of materials, colors and/or painting techniques to combine with dance and therefore depicit the flow in dance/choreography by the dancer itself during the dance in an artistic way?

#TakeHeart Residenz Flausen+ im Theaterlabor Bielefeld

supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media with the Program NEUSTART KULTUR



Render the concept of Rhythm and Isolation visible.


Exploring Borders.

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